Edition: September 2003

Airports: Hidden from the public, the airport concession has gone from bad to worse

Gold vs. Skin
The struggle of the people of the Siria Valley

The communities of the Siria Valley are neighbors to a gold mine they blame for unexplained illness and water shortages. The mining company denies the charges. And yet, something must be causing the skin diseases and respiratory ailments afflicting the children of the Siria Valley.

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Gold vs. Skin:
The struggle of the people of the Siria Valley

Interview with Dr. Almendares:
"Entre Mares will leave a cyanide cemetary"

Interview with Eduardo Villacorta:
"Entre Mares is not polluting"

Living in the Siria Valley: Residents tell their story

Children of the Siria Valley

Study finds mining causes health problems in the Siria Valley

Scientific Study of Health and the Environment in the Siria Valley
(complete study in the original Spanish)

Edition XIX
October 2003